The dyslexic bard


Gathalimay the Bard (that’s me) comes from a long line of artists and entertainers. His mother paints and sculpts and was even commissioned to sculpt the memorial statue of the hometown hero and the town’s namesake, Honsaa. His father is a successful playwright with his own theater and actor’s guild. Unfortunately, Gathalimay is clumsy, tone-deaf, and dyslexic. Not understanding these limitations, Gathalimay’s parents just thought they needed to push harder to get him motivated and live up to the family’s expectations. This friction led to Gathalimay falling in with a bad crowd, a ‘gang’ of arcane wielding misfits / slam poets. Finally finding something he was good at, Gathalimay became fearless. But disaster struck, and a member of his gang was tragically killed. Gathalimay’s father knew he had to get his son away from these dangerous influences, so he sent Gathalimay to Bishma to live with his 2nd cousin and work at the gladiatorial arena.

Gathalimay’s Songs


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