Session 8: December 10, 2011

The one in which Gathalimay wets himself.

The Arena

The party has just finished fighting and the crowd is excited and cheering.

Then all of a sudden, there is a collective groan and the crowd becomes sedated, like the onset of a sudden headache. The announcer makes some pronouncement of the group’s win citing “unorthodox tactics” and “unfair playing” but affirms the win. The crowd disburses.

The Admiral snacks on some of the dead goblins.

At the end of the day the results are in:

The Bishma Flock of Seagulls beat the Xephanan Chewers
The Imtari Immolators beat the Hansa Harriers
The Pidry Pounders beat the Dialya Destoyers
The Shambala Shardminds beat the Meerkish Manglers.

The Xephanan Chewers and the Meerkish Manglers are out of the tournament. The other two losing teams buy their way back in for the fights the next day.

The group returns to the yurt to rest and sleeps the night through, with Kalpa standing guard.

The next morning

The uncharacteristic rain continues, and the barrels fill up. As the party emerges from the yurt, they notice that the people seem more animated today. The group decides to pay a visit to Felix.

After crossing the bazaar, they find that Felix’s tent is no longer where it was the previous day. There is just empty space. Johnson is standing around.

The group asks Johnson about where Mr. Felix has gone and he answers that Mr. Felix has left. Apparently Mr. Felix is unhappy with Johnson who “borrowed” an artifact that Mr. Felix had and used it to cause the rainstorm. The rainstorm has interfered with whatever plans the defiler wizard has, and so Mr. Felix has decided to move on.

The group inquires what Johnson’s skill set is, and it turns out that he has been a caravan master in the past. The party has a brief discussion and invites Johnson to join the party. Johnson will watch the kanks and remain with the party until the tournament concludes and then the party will employ Johnson as a caravan master to make its next journey.

The party heads over to the arena to check out the day’s fights.

The match-ups are posted as follows:

Bishma Flock of Seagulls v. Imtari Immolators
Dialya Destroyers v. Shambala Shardminds
Hansa Harriers v. Pidry Pounders

Thalie and Thag escort Johnson back to the yurt. Sam, Gathalimay and Merielle wander the bazaar looking for some armor for Sam. Kalpa wanders off in search of the shardminds. Sam ends up purchasing some clam shell gauntlets and gets Merielle some brown crodlu boots (which she disposes of without Sam’s knowledge).

The Arena, sunset

At sunset, the party heads over to the arena. Today the announcer asks the Bishma Flock of Seagulls to let the other party enter the ring first. The Immolators are announced and enter the ring. The team is made up of six lizard men, five of whom carry spears and 1 carrying what looks like the large serrated tooth of a large carnivorous animal.

The dragonborn take up formation. Thag charges into the arena and strikes first. Sam runs and leaps off the wall launching himself at the closest lizard man. Several of the lizard men launch a fire-breathing attack that wounds the party.

Only a few moments into the fight, with his curses failing, Gathalimay retreats to the far corner of the arena where he falls on the ground crying while wetting himself. The crowd throws rotten produce at him and begs for a fight.

Meanwhile Sam grapples with one of the lizard men and throws it into one of the fire columns in the arena. The team isn’t faring so well though.

In the pity round the team makes some slight advances: Merielle knocks one of the lizard men off the wall and Kalpa manages to bloody another one. Finally two are dead and one is unconscious. Two walk of the field onto the sidelines in surrender.

The Admiral valiantly fights against the lizard man with the serrated tooth, but the lizard man bests him. Sam and the party reel in shock as the Admiral expires. The last lizard man walks off the field in surrender and the Flock of Seagulls is declared the winner.

For its efforts the party earns 250xp, with 10% bonuses to those with gold coins.


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