Session 30: September 14, 2013

Total D'd.

The dwarves explain the next level to us, and are surprised that after we’ve already been seen we want to go on. They explain the next level used to be the living quarters. Now it’s just a place for the Illithid’s thralls to hang out.

As we are standing on the stairs, the whole complex starts shaking and the floor starts breaking apart. The river has widened and falls away along with the She-devil who we hear scream. We hear running water from below and the stairs are breaking and cracked. Clearly we can’t go back so we have to go forward.

As we near the bottom of the stairs a ghoul appears and steps out of the way of the dwarves. Sam spies the ghoul and ducks back into the stairwell. The ghoul turns to watch the dwarves continue through the center of the quarters. Sam goes to make his move and falls asleep.

More ghouls emerge from the rooms and hallways. Thag drops the first ghoul and lets out a blood-curdling battle roar. So much for stealthy, eh? Ghouls appear from everywhere.

By this time water is flowing around our feet. Sam picks up Nymm and starts to run across the room. At the other side he smacks into a gelatinous cube and disappears within it. The dwarves get the hell out of here leaving us alone.

It takes a little while but we manage to kill the ghouls. Sam and Nymm escape the cube with minimal damage, but then Nymm gets sucked back in. The cube starts going down the stairs taking Nymm with it. Sam charges down the stairs. Gath tries to hit the cube and manages to do it. Sam floats down the stairs engulfed in the cube.

Somehow down at the bottom he manages to pop out the other side of the cube. It’s dark down there. The stairwell is quickly filling up with water and we’re unable to get down it without having to swim and hold our breaths.

Since Kalpa doesn’t have to breathe he runs down the stairs and ends up glowing inside the cube. Nymm dives under and Thag follows him. Thag ends up in the cube.

Sam beats on the cube and Nymm slashes at it. Kalpa keeps striking it from within. The cube keeps moving and sucks Nymm in again. Somewhere along the way the cube seems to stop fighting back. Kalpa informs us he thinks it’s safe to swim through it now.

One by one we all swim down, get through the cube and onto the other side. The cube is big enough that it’s blocking the stairwell so it isn’t flooded on the other side, just dripping a bit around the edges of the cube. The room we’re in looks like it was once a library – there are shelves upon shelves, but they’re all empty. There’s a light at the far end of the room.

For its efforts the party earns 300xp.


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