Session 28: July 13, 2013

Stancing in his mouth.

Nymm and Merielle leave the synergy room and peek around the corner where they can see the skulls glowing at the end of the hallway. Then they decide to explore the corner room which appears to be a room with elevated walls and platforms and stairs. Nymm checks for traps and finds none. Then he goes up the stairs, where he sees the adjoining room. He concludes this must be a training room for pit traps.

Sam peeks around the corner. Kalpa goes behind him and then calls out “Gentlemen!” The skulls become agitated and flare up.

Sam barrels down the hallway, fakes left and right, and then charges the second skull. Arrows fly by him. The end of the hallway erupts into green flame. Nymm takes down the first skull and its flame goes out. The skull breaks into a bunch of pieces. Merielle takes the second skull down. Sam decides to try tasting a little bit of the skull.

Nymm explores the door at the end of the hallway. He finds a hole in the wall which has been demolished, leading to a tunnel. He can hear snatches of voices talking in orc, “carrying crystals… giant beetle.”

Merielle tosses her seeing eye down the stairwell next to the hole in the wall – all she can see is the staircase that keeps spiraling downward.

Nymm creeps down the tunnel and sees a crowd of robed, goblin-like creatures that are gathering large crystalline forms. Three goblins start moving down the hallway towards us carrying a crystal between them.

Kalpa intimidates the goblins and puts up a wall behind them. They look very surprised. Sam walks down the hall, and kneels in front of the goblins. “Let’s rap dudes, what are you doing?” The goblins seem scared and drop the crystal at Sam and Kalpa’s feet. Kalpa pulls the crystal closer to him.

The goblins start to attack Sam. He manages to kill the first one, and Merielle helps him take down the other two.

Rumbling noises come from the other side of the wall.

Meanwhile, Kalpa tries to smash the crystal. While it was vibrant and shiny before, it expands to a humanoid form and appears dull. Kalpa explains that he believes the crystals contain souls and are being taken to the defiler wizard to make him or her stronger. He believes that breaking the crystal sets the soul free.

Kalpa makes the wall vanish, and the group can see goblins standing on the other side with picks and axes. Anvyll casts a blade wall. Nymm kills the first goblin, I managed to take down two, Merielle kills one, Sam kills one and Kalpa finishes off the final goblin. Now we see three other people fighting a giant beetle further off to the right. Kalpa smashes another crystal with his hammer.

The three people fighting the giant beetle appear to be dwarves with dark skin and red hair. Sam ambles up to one of the dwarves and says “Seems to me you have a bug problem.”

Kalpa stops everyone from smashing crystals – he isn’t sure that what we are doing is actually helping.

One of the dwarves runs away from the beetle. He runs past us and Gathalimay asks him “whoa whoa whoa… where are you guys going?” Nymm kills the dwarf. The two remaining dwarves start smashing Nymm and disturbingly they become larger when they are bloodied. They run away when Anvyll attacks them, although he manages to kill the biggest one.

Meanwhile the beetle is chewing on Sam and Kalpa. We all gather together to kill the large beetle and Nymm manages to get in the killing blow.

For its efforts the party earns 600xp.


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