Session 32: December 14, 2013

So we spent our last night in the log cabin outside of Shaq’oor and each of us was visited by the Gods and received boons. We shared our experiences over breakfast and then packed up our belongings to depart.

Sam went outside to practice his spin-kicking. When the rest of us went out, there were kanks there awaiting us.

We discussed the route we wanted to take through the desert. We really want to avoid people so we’re going to try crossing further east and around the mountains. We decided to do most of our traveling at night and rest during the day when it is the hottest. So we waited until late afternoon and then set out.

The first week passed pretty uneventfully. We met a few bands of silt runners here and there but managed to either kill them or get away pretty easily.

By the beginning of the second week we were coming around the far point of the hills and were close to the caravan route that runs from Raan to Xephanan. Then in the distance some of us could make out something, it looked like a single kank and rider.

Of course, Sam galloped on to try and see what it was. Kalpa rolled his eyes and followed him. As they got closer they could see it was a single rider on a kank, dragging the remains of a few bodies behind him. The rider was mostly motionless, just sort of hanging onto the back of the kank.

Sam tried to talk to him, “Hey where ya going?” He got no response, so he tried to stop the kank that the other guy was on. The guy fell off into the silt.

About this time we all joined Sam and Kalpa and the rider. I immediately hopped down off my kank to see if I could help him. He appeared to be a human, tattered and sunburned, severely dehydrated and very weak. While I tried to stabilize him, the others decided to make camp and set up the yurt. Of course Kalpa had to go through the man’s things first.

We got him settled in the yurt and gave him a few sips of water; then he fell unconscious again so we decided to examine the bodies. They were terrible. They looked and smelled like they had been dead for weeks, bloated and dried, gutted from some sort of rough implement and some were missing limbs. Then the man’s kank came over and started gnawing on the limbs of one of them. I guess we know what happened there huh?

We all ended up resting in the yurt and feeding the man more small sips of water. Close to sunset he was sort of revived enough to speak a little. As we packed up the yurt I talked to him a bit.

“What’s your name?”


“How did you get here? Where are you traveling?”

“I started in Raan where I owned a pottery shop. Then the crystal people showed up and one of them laid siege to Raan. Everyone left. I grabbed a kank and a few dead bodies to feed the kank and went as far as I could.”

Then Kalpa piped up, “What color was the crystal person?”


The rest of us exchange glances; we think he’s talking about Lucy.

Then Merielle and Kalpa start arguing because he wants to borrow the talking stone to talk to Lucy. The rest of us finish packing up and ask Adrag if he wants to travel with us. When he finds out that we’re heading towards Raan he refuses and wants to set out in the other direction. We give him some of our old clothes and a day or two worth of water and provisions and he sets out southward.

We spend the rest of the day traveling northward, and listening to Merielle and Kalpa argue. At sunrise we can see that some canyon lands look to be up ahead.

We decide to make camp and Merielle relents and lets Kalpa call Lucy on the talking stone.

“Who is this?”

“This is Kalpa.”

“Oh hello Kalpa, how are you? We should get together again.”

“Lucy, where might we find a she-devil?”

Kalpa has barely begun the conversation when he throws the rock away from him. He explains that as he was talking to Lucy she sounded strange and he could feel something tentacle like probing his brain. He thinks maybe the litch is controlling her to get his phylactery back.

We spend the rest of the daylight hours discussing what to do next. Since Raan is destroyed and we’re running low on supplies, we decide the best course of action is to change direction to the forest area near Ahdryatmin.

We set out and immediately come into the canyon lands. We wander for a few days getting fruit from the cacti and finding pleasant shaded areas to walk through. There are a few silt runners, but nothing we can’t handle.

A couple of days in, we enter an area that has 20" to 25" high walls on either side and lots of pillars. The group discusses that this might be a good place to stage an ambush and that we should be on our guard. Suddenly Gathalimay flies up on top of the closest wall and comes face to face with a group of silt runners who are indeed planning an ambush.

SILT RUNNERS!” he screams.

We all look up and see them with spears and crossbows at the edges of the walls. We scamper for cover and try to shoot at them. Then a couple of the big cacti start moving towards us. They start blinding people with their needles – Kalpa gets hit quite a bit.

Thag is finally able to bloody one of them and Merielle finishes it off. Sam throws one silt runner at another and kills both. Gathalimay gets overpowered up on top of the wall and falls unconscious. Sam picks him and up and throws himself over the side of the wall, managing to land under Gathalimay when they hit the ground. I get over there and heal both of them while Kalpa finally kills the cactus that has blinded him.

For their efforts the party members earn 300xp.

Session 31: November 9, 2013
Last stand with the Illithid

Gathalimay kills a dwarf.

Merielle, Nymm and Thag hit the Illithid. The Illithid retreats, and Kalpa’s stone wall pops up blocking the path he took.

Several of us work together to bust down the wall. Thag immediately rushes in and finds the Illithid surrounded by crystals and arcane energy, waving his arms and tentacles. Nymm rushes in after Thag. The crystals are woven in a net.

Suddenly Ravel rushes in and attacks the Illithid which disrupts the spell. There’s a huge explosion and the Illithid disappears. Nymm falls unconscious, Ravel disappears into the fey wild and Kalpa falls unconscious as well.

We wake Sam and Kalpa up and they appear to be unthralled.

We’re hurting pretty badly so we decide to take an extended rest, with Merielle and Kalpa standing guard. For the first hour they keep hearing the flame discharge, but then it stops.

Later, once we’re all rested and awake, we decide to try and get the key. Kalpa shard swarms to the platform. Merielle fey steps over and tries to grab the key before Kalpa can, and is thrown backward off the platform. Kalpa asks if he can use the first key to try and get the second; he splashes the first key in water and throws the water against the pyramid; it trickles down the sides. Then he tries to hit it with his ax and falls off the platform.

Meanwhile, Gath and Nymm are checking out the door behind the platform. When they open the door they find a stairwell heading down lower, and the water flows down the stairs.

Merielle builds a bridge of roots up to the platform and examines the it. She notices faint writing on the brass rods. No one is familiar with the writing, but it appears similar to the dwarven sympbols on the first key.

Sam is making water angels and then he and Thag start wrestling out of boredom.

I start to wonder if any of the Illithid’s books have any dwarven symbols in them that I could use to translate what’s on the brass rods. I head back to the area from where the Illithid disappeared. It takes me a while and some help from the rest of the party, but I can finally cobble together a translation that looks like the writings say that if we place the a key on the pinnacle of the pyramid and tap it, the pyramid should collapse.

Thag tries to place the key at the pinnacle and Sam is hanging off of him as a counterweight. Kalpa telekinetically drops a rock from above the pyramid down on the key. The pyramid flares and glows, but then subsides. Kalpa keeps at it for a while and then all of a sudden the pyramid collapses. Gathalimay reaches in and grabs the key.

The second key is different from the first. It is red, and has similar symbols to the first, but it appears to say something different. I can’t translate what it says, but I resolve to take some of the Illithid’s books with us and study them on our travels to try to piece it together.

Meanwhile Kalpa is looting the dwarves’ corpses. We fill up our waterskins since we know that water is precious and we’ll need it going forward.

Since we already know the way we came in, we decide to explore what is down the stairs. We creep down the stairs and end up in an octagonal room. There are smaller chambers at the edge that look like wizards’ quarters and labs. The north side of the room is completely missing, and the water that’s flowing from upstairs flows out seemingly into the void. This place looks ransacked and long abandoned.

We start exploring the room and in one find a magic circle and a chest. While we’re searching the earth wiggles, sort of the opposite of an earthquake, like the earth is mending itself rather than tearing itself apart. When we look back into the octagon, the north side has filled in, the rooms are back and there’s no more water on the floor.

Everyone starts exploring rooms. In one of the labs I find materials and I think I can synthesize a healing potion out of them. Everyone agrees to wait while I work on it and I manage to brew one potion of extra healing. We all agree I should give it to Gath to hold for whoever needs it the most, since he can push and pull people.

We take a quick inventory of our belongings and treasures, and redivide a bit. Then we decide it’s time to find our way out of here.

We retrace our steps the way we came and move back up through the complex. As we do, we notice that everything that has previously been destroyed is now back to the way it was. It’s very odd.

When we emerge from the complex at last, we see that we’re on a hillside. We see an area that is forested and the desert lying beyond the trees. We also see the log house that we originally stayed in. When we go back into it we find enough provisions to last us 4 weeks, which we anticipate will help us greatly wherever we journey next.

We discuss our options and decide that we’re going to head towards Uutekleza. No one knows what exactly happened to that area, but we do know that it’s a giant sinkhole.

As we’re coming to our decision about where to head next, Anvyll announces that he is going to stay in Sha’qoor and perhaps try to restore the school to its former glory. He thanks us for rescuing him, and gives us a gift – a bag of holding. We find that it holds our 4 weeks of supplies perfectly. We thank him for his generous gift and prepare to leave Sha’qoor.

For its efforts the party earns 300xp.

Session 31: October 12, 2013
Satire of Bravery: "Hold the line, serpentine."

We took a quick break to catch our breaths and heal up a little bit.

Then we explored the area we were in. We could see that all the books that had once filled the 10 foot tall shelves had been piled up as a ramp at the far end of the room. The ramp led up towards a stone platform that was approximately 15 feet tall. We also noticed that the water seemed to be flowing more and more freely into the room – perhaps the cube won’t hold it back?

Then we heard noises at the far end of the room. Zombies appeared carrying crystals and moved up the ramp. They placed the crystals at the top and turned around to leave and saw us.

Anvyl quickly cast a web of light and Kalpa shouted “I can do that too!” and glowed.

Then the crystals started glowing brightly.

Kalpa ran up to the top of the ramp and picked up a crystal and rolled it down the ramp. There was an electrical burst and the crystals crumbled to dust. At the same time the gelatinous cube came loose and water came gushing down the stairs and through the center of the room. The cube slammed into the ramp of books and Kalpa was knocked off his feet. He was now laying in a pile of wet books.

Sam walked over to the stairs at the edge of the room to where he could see a figure on the stairs. “Excuse me Sir. You seem to have a water leak. Is there a drain we could open up?”

More dwarves came down the stairs. Kalpa noticed a door behind the platform.

Suddenly a bolt of flame from the platform shot out and hit Sam. A dwarf tried to vault the wall, biffed it and landed on the floor next to Sam. Sam looked at him and said “I can fly too bro.”

Upstairs the Illithid appeared and did psychic damage to Sam, Anvyl, Merielle and her cat and me. We were all dazed. Then he walked up to Thag and wraped his tentacles around his skull.

Sam grabbed the dwarf and tried to throw him at the Illithid. It didn’t quite work – Sam ended up smashing the dwarf into the wall which killed him.

Then Sam shouted “for Admiral Pigglesworth” and charged up the stairs at the Illithid.

Meanwhile Merielle and Nymm were ignoring the party and exploring the pyramid. They saw it was a pyramid constructed of brass rods and crystals and appeared to have a key in its center. They remembered snippets from Prothall’s letters that talked about smashing the pyramid to set the world to rights. Suddenly a wave of fire came out from the key, out to the walls, up to the peak of the pyramid and shot out into the distance.

Nymm ghosted up a wall and tried to reach the key. As his hand reached in, the fire shot up the wall. Nymm tried to smash it with a sword and the sword rebounded.

Meanwhile Sam had fallen unconscious. Merielle’s cat Ravel licked him awake.

The Illithid dealt more psychic damage and knocked me unconscious, but Gath stepped up to heal me.

Sam smashed and stomped on the Illithid, but then a dwarf bullrushed him and he lost consciousness. Rather than killing him, the Illithid made Sam one of his thralls.

The pyramid flared again and shot fire at the back wall.

The, the Illithid made Sam hit Thag, but he missed. Thag did get pushed over the wall and took falling damage though. Gathalimay also got knocked over.

Sam went after Anvyl, and Nymm managed to do non-lethal damage to Sam to knock him unconscious and keep him from attacking anyone else.

Then Kalpa got too close to the Illithid and became a thrall.

For its efforts the party earns 300xp.

Session 30: September 14, 2013
Total D'd.

The dwarves explain the next level to us, and are surprised that after we’ve already been seen we want to go on. They explain the next level used to be the living quarters. Now it’s just a place for the Illithid’s thralls to hang out.

As we are standing on the stairs, the whole complex starts shaking and the floor starts breaking apart. The river has widened and falls away along with the She-devil who we hear scream. We hear running water from below and the stairs are breaking and cracked. Clearly we can’t go back so we have to go forward.

As we near the bottom of the stairs a ghoul appears and steps out of the way of the dwarves. Sam spies the ghoul and ducks back into the stairwell. The ghoul turns to watch the dwarves continue through the center of the quarters. Sam goes to make his move and falls asleep.

More ghouls emerge from the rooms and hallways. Thag drops the first ghoul and lets out a blood-curdling battle roar. So much for stealthy, eh? Ghouls appear from everywhere.

By this time water is flowing around our feet. Sam picks up Nymm and starts to run across the room. At the other side he smacks into a gelatinous cube and disappears within it. The dwarves get the hell out of here leaving us alone.

It takes a little while but we manage to kill the ghouls. Sam and Nymm escape the cube with minimal damage, but then Nymm gets sucked back in. The cube starts going down the stairs taking Nymm with it. Sam charges down the stairs. Gath tries to hit the cube and manages to do it. Sam floats down the stairs engulfed in the cube.

Somehow down at the bottom he manages to pop out the other side of the cube. It’s dark down there. The stairwell is quickly filling up with water and we’re unable to get down it without having to swim and hold our breaths.

Since Kalpa doesn’t have to breathe he runs down the stairs and ends up glowing inside the cube. Nymm dives under and Thag follows him. Thag ends up in the cube.

Sam beats on the cube and Nymm slashes at it. Kalpa keeps striking it from within. The cube keeps moving and sucks Nymm in again. Somewhere along the way the cube seems to stop fighting back. Kalpa informs us he thinks it’s safe to swim through it now.

One by one we all swim down, get through the cube and onto the other side. The cube is big enough that it’s blocking the stairwell so it isn’t flooded on the other side, just dripping a bit around the edges of the cube. The room we’re in looks like it was once a library – there are shelves upon shelves, but they’re all empty. There’s a light at the far end of the room.

For its efforts the party earns 300xp.

Session 29: August 10, 2013
Hello Honkers!

We ended up resting relatively uneventfully behind a wizard curtain that Gathalimay has fashioned to blend into the cave walls, but I did notice the smell of brimstone increasing as time went on. Kalpa tried digging a hole to bury the crystals.

Meanwhile Gathalimay was looking through the pouch of shiny rocks we took off the body of the goblins a while back. He found one that wasn’t shiny and looked a little like a sending stone. He placed it on one of the crystals and asked “Hello are you in there?”

He was so surprised when he got an answer. “Who’s there?” “Who is this?” “An old friend?” “Talking to Kalpa.” “Kalpa is there? Who else?”

Gathalimay thinks it sounds like Lucy!

Then I hear movement and the smell of brimstone gets stronger. Gathalimay peeks around the wizard curtain and reports that there are hellhounds in the hallway. He charges them, and a bit of the curtain gets caught in his pants like toilet paper so he pulls it down exposing all of us!

Behind the hellhounds we see a She-devil. She applauds and says “That is the stuff right there! That’s what I’m looking for.”

Gathalimay responds “What are you looking for from us?”

“I need your help, we should powwow.”

“For what?”

“Stop beating on my hellhounds. They’ll beat you.”

Gathalimay stops moving and motions to us to stop as well. Kalpa returns to digging his hole. Sam pulls out a sunrod to see if one of the dogs wants to play fetch. One of the hellhounds wanders over and sniffs it. Merielle sends her cat over to the hellhounds.

I pipe up. “What precisely do you want us to do?”

She walks up into the middle of us. “I have a situation with a mindflayer. I was all set up with the dwarves and then the mindflayer comes in and thralls them. All I want to do is get rid of this guy.”

Merielle questions, “what are all of these rocks?”

“Alive? They’re life energy, but not sentient yet. When the living gate was destroyed shards were flung everywhere. These are just not awake yet.”

Gathalimay interjects, “We’re looking for a key.”

We rush to quiet him and ask the She-devil for a few moments to deliberate. She wanders off and lets us discuss. We talk about the things we want: money, help for Anvyll’s eyes, help for Thagrosh. I don’t know why, but we agree to let Kalpa do our negotiating. We call the She-devil back over.

She explains that she has a strategy. “The Mindflayer is a defiler using the shards’ power to pull stuff apart. He is expecting a new shipment of crystals but you have disrupted that. If we deliver you to him, he would think it only normal. The part you may not like is that we could use you as bait. You can’t walk in there armed, but the dwarves escorting you can carry your weapons and give them to you when you get in there.”

We ask why the mindflayer hasn’t thralled her and she explains that he has taken some of her dwarves.

We ask how far away the mindflayer is and she tells us he is three levels away. “There are some undead to kill along the way, and you’ll need to be a little sneaky because the way he thralls them he can see and hear through the undead.”

Not that anyone is surprised, Kalpa departs from the plan and asks for 5000 gold, a rhino, and then sight for Anvyll and bringing Thagrosh back. There’s a little more back and forth and then we agree to rest for 24 hours while the She-devil conducts the necessary rituals. At the end of that rest Anvyll can see again and Thagrosh is alive and with us, although he is sullen about being ripped from the embrace about the Raven Queen. Sam gives him his old axe back.

Meanwhile Kalpa borrows the sending stone and contacts Lucy. He reports that she sees us inevitably dying a painful death. Cheery eh?

The dwarves come upstairs and explain the layout of the next level down (it’s wide open with a chapel and a stream through it). They let us know that directly across from the stream is a big pile of rubble and the first two undead that we will need to kill.

Sam fills Thagrosh in as we prepare to leave.

The dwarves lead us down the staircase. Then we hide as the dwarves call to the undead. They appear dragging planks. Nymm pops his shade form and hides. After the dwarves have crossed the stream and the undead are dragging the planks off, Merielle creeps forward and casts her bridge of roots so we can cross. Nymm shadow steps across the stream. Most of us pass over the stream quietly, but Thag and Kalpa make so much noise that the undead come to investigate and find us. We take them down pretty quickly.

Kalpa and Sam drag the planks back over to the stream and lay them over the bridge of roots to obscure it. We ask the dwarves what’s next.

And a little bit of orc-ish bard poetry:

Nymm be nimble
Nymm be quick
Nymm jumps over the River Styx

For its efforts the party earns 300xp.

Session 28: July 13, 2013
Stancing in his mouth.

Nymm and Merielle leave the synergy room and peek around the corner where they can see the skulls glowing at the end of the hallway. Then they decide to explore the corner room which appears to be a room with elevated walls and platforms and stairs. Nymm checks for traps and finds none. Then he goes up the stairs, where he sees the adjoining room. He concludes this must be a training room for pit traps.

Sam peeks around the corner. Kalpa goes behind him and then calls out “Gentlemen!” The skulls become agitated and flare up.

Sam barrels down the hallway, fakes left and right, and then charges the second skull. Arrows fly by him. The end of the hallway erupts into green flame. Nymm takes down the first skull and its flame goes out. The skull breaks into a bunch of pieces. Merielle takes the second skull down. Sam decides to try tasting a little bit of the skull.

Nymm explores the door at the end of the hallway. He finds a hole in the wall which has been demolished, leading to a tunnel. He can hear snatches of voices talking in orc, “carrying crystals… giant beetle.”

Merielle tosses her seeing eye down the stairwell next to the hole in the wall – all she can see is the staircase that keeps spiraling downward.

Nymm creeps down the tunnel and sees a crowd of robed, goblin-like creatures that are gathering large crystalline forms. Three goblins start moving down the hallway towards us carrying a crystal between them.

Kalpa intimidates the goblins and puts up a wall behind them. They look very surprised. Sam walks down the hall, and kneels in front of the goblins. “Let’s rap dudes, what are you doing?” The goblins seem scared and drop the crystal at Sam and Kalpa’s feet. Kalpa pulls the crystal closer to him.

The goblins start to attack Sam. He manages to kill the first one, and Merielle helps him take down the other two.

Rumbling noises come from the other side of the wall.

Meanwhile, Kalpa tries to smash the crystal. While it was vibrant and shiny before, it expands to a humanoid form and appears dull. Kalpa explains that he believes the crystals contain souls and are being taken to the defiler wizard to make him or her stronger. He believes that breaking the crystal sets the soul free.

Kalpa makes the wall vanish, and the group can see goblins standing on the other side with picks and axes. Anvyll casts a blade wall. Nymm kills the first goblin, I managed to take down two, Merielle kills one, Sam kills one and Kalpa finishes off the final goblin. Now we see three other people fighting a giant beetle further off to the right. Kalpa smashes another crystal with his hammer.

The three people fighting the giant beetle appear to be dwarves with dark skin and red hair. Sam ambles up to one of the dwarves and says “Seems to me you have a bug problem.”

Kalpa stops everyone from smashing crystals – he isn’t sure that what we are doing is actually helping.

One of the dwarves runs away from the beetle. He runs past us and Gathalimay asks him “whoa whoa whoa… where are you guys going?” Nymm kills the dwarf. The two remaining dwarves start smashing Nymm and disturbingly they become larger when they are bloodied. They run away when Anvyll attacks them, although he manages to kill the biggest one.

Meanwhile the beetle is chewing on Sam and Kalpa. We all gather together to kill the large beetle and Nymm manages to get in the killing blow.

For its efforts the party earns 600xp.

Session 27: June 8, 2013
"Cleansed by Fire"

Gathalimay wakes up and we explain what has happened to him. He’s understandably confused. Sam immediately starts looting the nearby rooms to try and find clothing to replace Gath’s burned clothes that are now two small for his orc-ish figure.

Merielle continues to check the nearby rooms for traps and finds some rooms with weapons and supplies including liquid vials of poison.

Gathalimay asks Kalpa for a spear and wanders around trying it out, spearing the air.

Sam continus to explore the rooms around us with some crazy stunts. At one he somersaults into the room and lands on one knee. Except for a few rats in one room, he finds the rest empty.

In one room, which we call the synergy room, we find some standing frames with diagrams of the area around us. There are chairs and it appears to be set up as a meeting room or classroom of sorts. Nymm takes the five diagrams for studying.

All of a sudden we hear a faint cackling in the hallway. We manage to isolate it to one particular door. Nymm feels the door and it’s hot. He opens the door a crack and suddenly the cackling feels like it is burning us! Sam bull-rushes Nymm into the door to close it.

We move away from the door and down the hallway. Suddenly the door opens and there is a terrible screeching noise. It appears to be an Evistro, and we can hear cackling that sounds like a Harpy behind him. Kalpa backs away and tries to persuade it to let us be, but isn’t successful. The harpy comes flying out and hits Kalpa. Sam grabs her, knocks her prone and crushes her with his stomping foot. A second harpy flies out and the evistro tries to claw the door.

After a few rounds of battle Sam manages to kill the first harpy, and Nymm kills the second. Merielle, Gathalimay and Sam kill the Evisitos.

Now that the screeching is gone, we look behind the door and see a long hallway. Sam takes off down the hallway. At the end he finds a larger room. On one side there is a nest for harpies, and there lies Thag’s body picked clean. At the other side of the room there is a person lashed to a pillar. Sam goes for Thag’s head to wear as a helmet.

The man on the other side of the wall is blindfolded and has open wounds. He speaks, “I can smell you, if you’ve beaten the harpies.”

We untie him from the post and try to make him as comfortable as possible. He introduces himself as Anvil. He describes a battle in the city of Sigil and that he has been mazed here. “Let’s get the hell out of here.”

We ask Anvil if he knows anything else about the world we’re in. He says that there are other levels and a room with someone who smells like death that the others call “master.”

We decide to rest in the synergy room across the hall and bring Anvil with us to dress his wounds, clothe and feed him.

For our efforts we earn 600xp.

Session 26: May 11, 2013
Put another Gath on the barbie.

We stopped for a brief rest after killing the spider to tend to our wounds, but then we heard footsteps echoing down the hallway and something across between a giggle and a cackle.

Nyym surveyed the hallway and saw a 20 foot pit trap outside of one door and a pendulum blade at the opposite end of the hallway. He also reported that the hallway was covered in bits of spider webs.

At the same time Merielle crept up the staircase towards the trap door. Finding it unlocked, she cracked it open and flung her seeing eye into the room above. It appears to be the octagonal room where we started with the broken furniture and the hole in the floor. There is something very strange about this place.

Meanwhile, Nyym creeps across the hallway to another door. It isn’t locked so he listens and then opens the door. He sees another hallway beyond the door that takes a lefthand turn. Merielle has crept back down the stairs and follows Nyym. She notices a trip wire and points it out to Nyym, who hops it. He finds what looks like a treasure bag but it’s filled with sawdust and what appears to be gold is actually a set of wooden discs painted with gold paint. Kalpa follows them and finds the trap mechanism and starts looting the spear cartridge.

Kalpa and Thalie theorize that this might be the training school, and that these rooms might be filled with traps as learning exercises.

Meanwhile Sam takes off exploring. Kalpa trips the wire to see what happens.

Sam gets about halfway down the hallway before he sees someone walking the opposite direction holding a box. The guy holding the box drops it and disappears. Sam pursues him. Then he sees the guy run THROUGH a wall! Sam tries it and bumps into the wall creating a loud thud.

I was following Sam, but stopped by the box that the guy dropped. It appears to be a two foot square box and when I crack the lid I can see a bright green glow. I look up when Sam hits the wall and he’s yelling at the guy he was following. The guy sticks his head out the doorway, laughs at Sam and says “that didn’t quite work out for you did it?”

I turn back to the box and open it a little more. A green glowing skull jumps up out of it and floats down the hall. Nyym tries to shoot it with an arrow and the whole area explodes in green flame, burning us. Nyym double shrouds the green skull and tries to hit it again.

Sam busts down the door at the end of the hallway. He wanders into a room with stone pillars and faces appear on the pillars. “What’s all the commotion?” “Someone busted down the door.”

Gathalimay, who has gone down a different hallway sees a floating green skull and stops dead in his tracks.

Kalpa comes around the corner to see the green skull floating away and Nyym taking more fire damage after trying to hit it. He and Merielle start to explore the other rooms, trying to disable traps and loot them for supplies.

Sam is still in the pillar room. He sees a pile of loot in the middle of the room and goes to get it. The entire area bursts into flame. The face appears in the stone pillar again and it laughs, “That looks like that hurt. It sure hurt when it happened to me.”

Gathalimay barrels into the room to find Sam on fire. He charges him and both fall on the floor, stopping, dropping and rolling to try and put the fire out. The area bursts into flame again setting both of them on fire. Sam manages to push Gathalimay off of him and gets himself out of the range of the fire.

Nyym meanwhile is following the green skull into another room. He sees a second skull in there and four stone pillars. Another ray of flame shoots out at him, but misses.

Sam is trying to shake himself off when one of the ghosts in the pillar jumps out of the pillar into him! The other faces speak “He’s getting busy now. You’re going down.” “That’s so cool, I can almost see you inside of him!”

Gathalimay rolls out of the fire. Sam is in a contest of wills with the ghost who has taken him over and the ghost walks him right back into the flames.

Meanwhile I’ve come down the hallway to investigate. I’m standing well outside of the room, but one of those ghosts comes out and jumps into me. I’m trying to stop myself, but I’m walking into the room and into the fire. Somehow I manage to kick the ghost out of my body and use my turn undead channel divinity to get them away from me. I know I need help so I run and find Kalpa and Merielle. Sam is unconscious and Gath is taking fire damage and I know we need to get them help.

Merielle, Kalpa and I make a plan. They’re going to get Sam and bring him to me so I can heal him. Then they’ll get Gathalimay and we’ll repeat the procedure. Merielle takes off and manages to drop one of the ghosts. She grabs Sam and fey steps to me and I heal him. Merielle and Kalpa return for Gath who is now stuck in the fire. He’s fighting against the ghost. All of a sudden one of the ghosts jumps into Kalpa. Kalpa tries to resist, but the ghost has him drag Gathalimay back into the fire and before we know it Gathalimay has died. The ghosts start to try and drag Gathalimay out of his body. Kalpa is trying to fight against them, but he’s stuck in the fire and then he’s unconscious too.

Finally Nyym poisons the undead with his Heart of Dust. We manage to finish them all except for one that disappears through the wall. Kalpa and Nyym loot the ghost corpses and pull Gath’s body out of the flames. We all manage to find a safe room, disable any traps and rest for a bit. I’m trying to figure out what we’re going to do with Gathalimay; I’m still shocked that another member of our party has died.

Kalpa wants to find out if there’s any treasure to be had so he goes back to the fire and pillar room. Most of it is more fake treasure, but he does find a stone box and brings it back to the safe room. Inside are 14 potion bottles of light healing. Those should help us in our future battles for the key.

There’s also a book of magic in there. I examine it closely and though I’m not exactly sure what kind of magic it is, it appears to be a reincarnation spell. We discuss it as a group. I think I can cast the spell and we may be able to use it to bring Gathalimay back. We don’t really have time or resources to go back to a cleric so we take a vote and decide to give it a try.

I settle my mind and read from the book. Nothing happens at first, but then Gathalimay’s form starts to change. When he wakes up we see that he has come back to life, but now instead of a half-elf he’s a really ugly orc. I don’t think I’ve ever met an orc bard before. None of us know what to make of this.
For our efforts the party earns 300xp.

Session 25: April 13, 2013
I am your zombie lord.

We managed to rest for 8 hours and regain our strength, despite the noises of scraping metal and the muffled calliope (if I never hear another one of those as long as I live it will be too soon, though Gathalimay seems to dig it).

I awoke to Kalpa deep in conversation with Justin, the Rhinoceros, trying to figure out how he appeared here.

The rest of us tried to figure out where we were. We think we’re directly under the platform with the ballista. Gathalimay tried looking for a magic staircase and he found one! We went up the staircase and ended up in a stone room with a 20 foot wooden ceiling. The room was empty but had bow slots in the wall at the far end. We peeked out the slots and saw that the area out there is overrun with zombies.

Then all of a sudden Merielle disappeared. Nyym opened the door and saw a bolt hit the zombies, even though there was no ballista there that he could see. He did see a large blue thorny guy chewing on a leg though. Sam rushed ahead, of course, and greeted the blue guy. Then all of a sudden he fell asleep and totally disappeared. We were all very confused.

Meanwhile Sam said he woke up in a shimmering spiderweb. Merielle woke up there too. She managed to wiggle loose and sneak around the corner and up a stair case. She said it was full of cobwebs. Meanwhile Sam struggled with his bonds in the spider web. Merielle found the top of the staircase ended in a trap door, so she crept back downstairs.

Meanwhile Kalpa opened the door to hit the blue guy. He made a pretty decent hit and Justin congratulated him, “Yeah, that’s how it’s done!” Then Kalpa pulled the door closed.

Through the slots we could see the blue guy throw down his leg and then he spawned three more of himself. All of them started clawing and scratching at the doors!

Gathalimay did some quick thinking and spoke to them – “we want to help you destroy the zombie walkers!” I held my breath and then heard the answer “Then join us in this brother!”

Gathalimay opened the door and walked through. Nyym shut the door, but then shrouded a zombie and hit it, killing it. I shot several arrows and managed to kill a few zombies. Gathalimay and the blue guy continue to try and kill zombies.

Then Kalpa flung the door open, dropped a zombie and yelled “I love this place!”

Meanwhile, Sam freed himself and attacked one of the small spiders. Merielle tried to wake Kalpa up and when that failed, woke Nyym up.

I see Nyym disappear. Then the blue guy explodes everywhere and Kalpa and Gathalimay look dazed. Gathalimay gets hit by the invisible ballista. Kalpa mounts Justin and busts open the doors screaming “I am your zombie lord!”

All of a sudden Gathalimay and Kalpa disappear. Then I wake up. I’m in a spider web. Merielle and Sam are here and it’s just like they described. Sam kills a spider right in front of me and wears its body as a hat. Merielle manages to kill another one. Merielle helps me get loose.

Then I see the big brain spider through the doorway. Sam walks over the Kalpa looking dazed and takes a swing at him. Kalpa grabs him and shakes him. Sam doesn’t understand why he just did that. Then Kalpa turns and hits me! Meanwhile Gathalimay manages to seriously wound the big spider – it’s bleeding thick blood. Then he viciously mocks him and kills him! “Man you’re ugly!”

We explore the room and tucked into the webs we find all of our weapons from the other world. Then we have to decide what to do next. Gathalimay pulls out his quill and is ready to map where we go.
For our efforts the party receives 200xp.

Session 24: March 9, 2013
The triumphant return of Admiral Pigglesworth

Quite simply, I don’t know where to begin with our adventures of late. We are now safe, resting in a room, hoping to regain our strength and contemplate our next move. I barely understand what has happened today.

I last left off describing our finding a Red Hulk and a foul spawn warp caller. Sam and Kalpa attacked the Red Hulk, and Merielle managed to bloody the thing with her arrows. The hulk flanked Kalpa and then Gathalimay was able to push the hulk away.

Merielle heard rumbling and a whooshing sound and then out of nowhere rushed what looked like Admiral Pigglesworth. The Admiral ran to Sam’s side and spoke: “Do you want to live forever?”

Then Gathalimay heard rumbling from behind him. Nyym’s superhero shadow ripped into the Red Hulk.

The foul spawn teleported to the other side of of Merielle and then disappeared down the hallway. Kalpa erected his stone wall by the first door so nothing could enter into the room.

Then there was another rush of winds and something pushed Kalpa back. All of a sudden there was a rhinoceros in the room and he spoke to Kalpa: “When you gonna learn to hit?”

It was absolutely mind-boggling that these creatures were there, let alone speaking to us.

Then Sam mounted the Admiral and chased down the hallway after the foul spawn. Kalpa mounted the rhino (who he has named Justin Case) and followed Sam. I chased after Sam as well.

Just as Kalpa reached the doorway the second foul spawn we saw teleported into the room where Gathalimay and Merielle still were. Kalpa returned to fight the foul spawn.

Sam and the Admiral galloped through hallways until they met a zombie. Sam attempted to question him: “Excuse me sir, have you seen another dude that wails?” The zombie groaned.

Meanwhile the rhinoceros got hit by the foul spawn and screamed at Kalpa “AUGH. Are you gonna let him do that to me?”

Suddenly there is another rush of air and Acne appeared next to Merielle. “Why are you helping him? You don’t like him?”

The foul spawn unleasheed more psychic damage and teleported to the other side of the wall.

Then, by Kalpa’s accounts something strange happens. He claims he wished Nyym away and Nyym disappeared. Even stranger Nyym claims to have woken up in an entirely different room that shimmered, and he believes he was wrapped up in silk as though in a spider’s web. He claims we all were there, wrapped in cocoons suspended on the wall and guarded by spiders. In the center of the room, he said a huge spider with tentacles and a brain for a carapace was eating Thag’s brains.

Nyym said he tried to free himself and then tried to free Merielle. He had to attack the spider that was guarding her.

Back in the original room, Kalpa saw Nyym disappear from sight. He could still hear the red hulk banging on the stone wall.

Then, stranger still, Kalpa saw Merielle disappear from the room. She told me that she then woke up in the same room that Nyym describes. She saw him and the rest of us, and the spiders. Is this a dream? How can they share this dream?

Meanwhile the rhinoceros was working at killing the foul spawn. I returned to the room just as Justin and the Admiral delivered the death blows to the foul spawn. At first only Kalpa and Gathalimay were in the room and then Nyym and Merielle appeared as if out of nowhere. Nyym appeared to be unconscious and I did what I could to stabilize him. Merielle also appeared unconscious and Gathalimay stabilized her. Nyym and Merielle were babbling about spiders and spider webs and some room somewhere else.

Before I can stop him, Sam punched himself in the face and disappeared from sight. He reports he woke up in the other room in a cocoon and that he could see spiders rewrapping Nyym and Merielle in webbing.

Kalpa told Justin to punch himself in the face, and then Kalpa punched himself in the face. He too disappeared. And then he said he woke up in the other room, wrapped in a cocoon. What madness is this?

Sam broke free of the spider web and started to try and hit the spiders. The spider bit him with toxic poison. Meanwhile the big spider finished gnawing on Thag and turned to Sam and Kalpa. Sam freed Kalpa and killed one of the baby spiders.

Meanwhile Acne rushed to Merielle’s side: “I’m so glad you’re awake again. Where’d you go? This is so weird!”

Kalpa charged the mindflaying spider screaming “you bastard, you took my rhino!”

All of a sudden Kalpa reappeared in the room I’m in, unconscious. Then Sam appeared again. The hulk hit the Admiral who disappeared. Once I can stabilized Kalpa he continued to help Justin hit the red hulk. I managed to finish off the bloodied hulk before we all collapsed.

Now half the party is napping and the others are trancing or resting and I am trying to puzzle this out. What is happening to us down here? Have the mages invaded our minds? Where are we and how do we know what is real?


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