The elven cleric


Thalie was born to two cleric parents. She grew up on tales of the gods and her parents and grandparents worshiped Avandra, the goddess of change, luck, trade and travel. She was particularly enthralled with the tales of bold bravery and freedom fighting against those would would rob others of their liberty. In a time when these tales seem incongruous with current life, Thalie holds these tales dear, hopeful that honor and freedom still exist somewhere.

Thalie is 21. When she was 16 both of her parents were caught in the destruction of a terrible wizard and perished. By pure chance, Thalie’s grandmother was visiting a neighboring village and had taken Thalie with her, escaping death. After her parents death, Thalie is even more inspired by Avandra’s spirit to fight for truth and justice. Thalie’s grandmother, knowing that she will soon perish, begins teaching Thalie healing skills in earnest, and Thalie spends a few years trying to master everything her grandmother can teach her. When her grandmother dies, she is 19 and bereft of family. She begins to seek out work, at first bartering her healing skills for food and shelter. As she grows in confidence and aptitude, she is able to seek out healing employment and thus finds herself a part of the gladatorial arena skilled staff. But she still yearns to do something more with her life.


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