Thagrosh "Thag"

The roaring minotaur


Thagrosh “Thag” was born into slavery. Until recently, he knew nothing
of freedom, only the gladiatorial arena. Having been used to pull the
carts of his controllers as they traveled through Adar, he has seen
much of what the landscape has to offer, but not of society. In his
last battle he was put up against a seemingly easy foe, but things
were not as they appeared. This opponent drew his power from something
other than primal strength and was able to overtake and weaken
Thagrosh. His opponent was able to forcefully rip the tip of his horn
from his head and used it to gouge out his left eye. As he was about
to give his life to the Raven Queen a stone of brilliant color was
tossed by his side. Thag picked up the stone and smashed it into the
temple of his opponent. His opponent defeated, Thag collapsed in pain
and shock. In what he thought was a dream he heard an argument. “I
can’t use him like this, he is worthless to me know.” Falling back
into dream he remembers kind words and a soothing touch. Thag awakens
to find a new horn bolted onto his and a chunk of marble covering his
eye. Maybe something greater is in store for me now, but what?

From childhood:
Growing up Thagrosh heard tales passed from slave to slave about a
paradise in the desert. The paradise was said to have a fountain that
could heal the gravest of wounds and may even be able to bring the
dead back to the living. More and more these stories have worked there
way in to his mind once again. Thagrosh finds himself rubbing his
phantom eye when he starts to wonder in thought. Intriguing even more
so is how someone could defy the Raven Queen let alone the fates.

Thagrosh "Thag"

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