Dwarven Caravan Master


A dwarf with a bald and extremely wrinkled head.


Surrat was retained by Lucius to organize a caravan from Bishma which was to travel through the site of Saharabellum. This caravan was to be the mode of transportation for Lucy and the gladiators escorting her across the desert.

Surrat display many character quirks.

  • Though he claimed to hate people asking a bunch of stupid questions, he never failed to answer any question asked to some level of dissatisfaction.
  • His ability to steer clear of the dangers of the desert and make the trip as uneventful as possible was uncanny and seemingly irritating to some of his charges who took every opportunity to wander far from the caravan/camps and get into trouble.
  • He had what seemed like first hand knowledge of events that happened long enough ago to be beyond the average dwarf lifespan. He even proved to be able to read the dwarf language, a skill most thought had passed completely from the world.


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