Samuel Leary





This is the story of Samuel Leary.

Samuel was born into a family of herders. His parents Conner and Ana
were never rich folk, but they enjoyed their mostly quite lives
raising sheep and goats at their home near the delta of the Meer River.

Before meeting Ana, Conner had been an arena fighter. And Despite
Ana’s wishes, Conner felt Samuel should learn to be a fighter as well.
He needed to be able to defend himself, the family, and the livestock
from the raiders that wandered around the land. As they would train,
Conner would tell his son these fantastical stories of old Adar.
Stories of mythical creatures running free, of mighty heroes slaying
dragons, and of twisted wizards ravaging the land for power. As he
grew, Samuel’s mind filled with these stories. Every night he dreamed
of the adventures he could have and of the strange creatures he would

On Samuel’s 21st birthday, he revealed to his parents that he was
leaving. He needed to go out in the world and walk it a while. He
promised his parents one day he would return, though when he didn’t

After a length of travel Samuel ended up in Bishma. With no money and
few possessions, he decided to enlist as a fighter in the town’s
arena. Now 25, Samuel has spent the last 4 years here finding himself.
He’s fought several battles, and despite what the scars on his body
say, has yet to taste defeat. He had encountered many a strange
creature, but nothing like his father’s stories described.
The thoughts of adventure had begun to reappear in the back of his
mind. Adar was a big place and Samuel began to wonder again about what
else lie out in the wasteland.

Maybe it’s time for him to move on again?

Samuel Leary

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