The eladrin huntress


Merielle was raised outside Tashalatora, near the once beautiful Vulpana Falls. As a child, her father, Erevan, would tell her stories about how the falls were once a portal to the Fey. Since the scorching of the earth, the Falls no longer flowed and portal to has disappeared.

Erevan was a notoriously skilled archer and began training Merielle as soon as she could pick up a bow. After the death of Jelennneth, Merielle’s mother, Erevan began taking Merielle on all hunting expiditions, and glowed with pride as her skill quickly surpassed that of the most seasoned hunters. At the age of 20, Merielle’s proficiency with the longbow exceeded even her father’s. She’d become a highly respected hunter in her clan and was a celebrated provider and hero.

Soon after her 30th birthday, Merielle’s clan was attacked by a group of Drow pirates. After stealing the clan’s jeweled statue of Corellon, the Drow set fire to her village and attempted to escape as it burned. Many members of Merielle’s clan perished in the fire. Merielle’s father died in pursuit of the pirates, minutes before Merielle was knocked unconscious and captured. When she awoke, she found that she’d been taken hostage by the despicable Drow. Merielle was traded for a variety of gold kitchen utensils.

Merielle’s new captor, Pieter, was a very large, very smelly human man who kept her chained and forced her to service his many “needs”. For five years Pieter chased odd jobs (mercenary work, trafficking stolen goods and the occasional hostage), moving them from place to place until they arrived in Bishma. Pieter planned to try his hand at fighting in the gladiatorial arena.

Surrounded by weaponry, Merielle jumped at the first opportunity to steal a bow and quickly kill her captor. Only Quinn, the current Champion, witnessed Merielle’s slaying of her captor. Her skill with a longbow impressed him so much that he convinced her to fight with him in the arena. Merielle quickly accepted and fell for Quinn as they fought side-by-side.

Fifteen years later, Merielle has become a legendary weapons expert and Quinn is long dead. She is bored to death with the ignorant, smelly men that pass through the arena and longs to see her beautiful Falls again.


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