Session 43: December 13, 2014

My Jerky Business

We all continue to argue over whether we should use the talking stone to try and contact Lucy. Kalpa is definitely a proponent of calling her, and Merielle is dead set against it. Finally the group works out a compromise: I will try the talking stone. The group will tie me up in case anything tries to take over her mind. I consents to being tied up; Sam stays ready with the sleeping rock. I try the stone and there is no connection – I feel nothing.

Meanwhile, Durian takes the test at the guild and passes. He becomes a member of the psy guild and is commissioned to wander the lands and report back with what he sees.

We decide to lead the expedition to Uutkleza. After some consideration, Maetan declines to go with us, but does give us some representatives of the House Lubar. She sends us with four psy guild members (arcane specialists) to aid in opening the door. She also gives us crodlus to ride, inix to carry cargo, and 15 laborers to handle the animals and gear.

Then comes the negotiation of the fee. Maetan and her uncle open with us leading the caravan for a 10% fee of all that is found. Somehow, when all is said and done we end up with a huge sandskiff to transport ourselves and anything we may buy or acquire along the way.

We then set out on the few weeks journey to Uutkleza. This passes uneventfully.

When we arrive back at the sinkhole the laborers set up ropes and anchors for us. As we get down to the sand pile Merielle notices far more tracks and print than when we left, mostly human shoes and sandals. We head over to the ziggurat and see even more tracks.

Finally we head down the stairs into the hallway. The hall is now charred black and there are charred bodies in the hallway. We can make out 10 corpses in front of the door. One of the members of the psy guild tells us that the hallway has been bathed in magical fire, but the glyphs of warding still hold.

We all decide to vacate the hallway, save for the 4 members of the psy guild, Durian and Sam. The first attempt to dispel the warding goes badly and 2 of the psy guys are incinerated. The second try yields success: the glyphs glow brightly and then the stone sloughs off.

Sam hollers “all clear!”

The psy guild members are dragging their fallen comrades back and we surmise that the other corpses are of House O’Reilly.

The rest of us make our way down as Sam is trying to open the door, but it is really stuck. Eventually, with more effort and more of our group, the door flies off. There is a creak, a slam and movement.

We cautiously enter the room. In the middle of the room are bridges that lead over a chasm. There are zombies in the room.

We start to fight them, but they hit really hard. We try all different tactics. Gathalimay manages to push 2 into the chasm and very nearly goes in himself. We fight on and on and are running out of healing. They’re hitting all of us and we can barely keep ourselves upright. Then the worst happens. Zombies kill Krynn and Sam.


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