Session 39: August 9, 2014

Gone with the Wind crossed with Resident Evil

Krynn leads us to a small inn, filled with crosses and garlic and dimly lit. There is food on the tables; Krynn says the food has been there for years, but is not spoiled. Though the inn has several rooms, Krynn mostly lives in the pub/dining area. There are bars on the windows and on the front and back doors. Krynn explains that he has holed up here for a while, and that the bars prevent the undead from getting in.

Krynn says originally this place has a giant river next to farm fields. It’s never been a desert so long has he has known it. And yet, he’s been trapped here for ages. As time goes on he hasn’t even felt the need to eat anymore.

Krynn says that he used to be on the city watch. “I’m on the city watch,” Sam interrupts.

“Things were fine until Garrin moved to town, and then weird things started happening. Garrin moved into the biggest house into town and hosted lots of parties. I was even invited and met him a few times. One night though, a sea of undead came into the city.”

Krynn says that we’re welcome to stay as long as we wish. Sam starts loading his pockets with jerky from the table.

Durien senses a faint aura of magic from Krynn. Meanwhile I notice all the books in the room, which are mostly full of tales gods and goddesses I’ve never heard of. I do recognize one though, about Corlon, the god of the elves.

Sam immediately lays down and starts snoring. The rest of us are wary. Kalpa and Merielle stand guard and keep watch on Krynn and the rest of us try to rest, but it’s a really restless kind of sleep, we doze a lot and have dreams of chasing and being chased. Gathalimay gets up and searches for coffee in the kitchen.

Once we’ve rested a bit, we decide to check out Garrin’s place. Krynn takes us on a winding path through alleyways and here and there. There are corpses everywhere and they look a little time worn, but they aren’t exactly rotting. Every so often we see a zombie shamble past. Some of the zombies notice us, and we just manage to evade them. What should have been a straight shot across town takes us an hour.

We arrive to an estate with a fountain and a manor that’s 2-3 stories. Durien and I can sense waves of magic coming from the manor. We do a little bit of reconnaissance, hoping to be able to sneak in the back door, but the hell hounds are guarding the back so that idea is out.

Finally Kalpa open the door and charges in. We can see Garrin walk out on the landing upstairs. Sam covers his eyes and the zombies shamble around inside.

Garrin looks at Krynn and says “Oh I see you’re starting the game today. This should be over quickly.”

Kalpa attacks Garrin and ends up getting dominated. Kalpa, under Garrin’s control, starts wailing on Sam. Garrin walks away.

The rest of us kill the zombies shambling about.

Garrin reappears in the dining room and Sam tries to give him a big bear hug. I try my undead spell and immobilize Garrin. We get a few good hits in and manage to get Garrin on the ground, bloodied, but he smirks and says “not today” and disappears in a puff of mist.

Durien thinks he went to the back, maybe the kitchen.

Krynn wanders back to the kitchen, where there is a huge hole in the ceiling that opens into a room on the floor above. Sam runs into the kitchen.

I sneak up the stairs and hear shuffling towards the back of the house. Merielle and her cat join me upstairs.

Sam tries to run and jump up through the hole onto the floor above. He lowers a rope and almost everyone else climbs up into the bedroom.

Meanwhile Merielle opens the door we’re standing at which leads into another hallway. We walk into the hallway and see zombies shambling at us. Merielle kills the zombies.


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