Session 38: June 14, 2014

In the arena, Sam kills the rhino in one dual attack.

One of the guys hits Durien again. Gathalimay flies down to Durien and heals him. Kalpa sees a group of people running towards the arena and he yells “I rallied support for us!” The bad guys shift and run. Kalpa jumps in the arena towards Gathalimay, Sam and Durien.

The approaching group tuns out to be templars (town guards and mercenaries). Kalpa cuts the horn off the rhino. Sam questions the templars “Did you come to reward me?” One of the templars replies “We came to get those bastards who ran off. We never can catch them. Any idea why they were after you?”

The slave trader remarks “Great fight! I made 10 times what I would have made off the slave.”

The captain of the guard tells Sam, “Well done, but you said you were alone and you aren’t. come around tomorrow and bring your friends. We’ll see what you can do for the city of Ra’an.”

Meanwhile, back at the yurt an assassin kills Nymm. He uses his katar to take off Nymm’s head and proclaims “it’s done!” The remaining assassin next to Merielle backs off and runs. Meri shoots him as the guy takes off. We remove everything of value from Nymm’s corpse and wait for the rest of the party to return to decide what to do.

Eventually Sam and the others return and Gathalimay distributes the winnings from the bets. We all share what has happened and sit around the ruined yurt. Sam goes to sleep, exhausted by his fight.

About half an hour later we see the slave trader and several guys with him coming our way. He introduces himself as Baba O’Riley and announces he has a business proposition for us. He tells us that he hates the slave trade and what he really wants to open is a trading house. He would like to hire our group on retainer and provide us with animals and a caravan. He will ask us to transport some goods to Hanuman and he offers to buy some of the treasures we might unearth along the way.

We discuss it as a group and agree that it sounds like a good idea. We agree to get some rest and leave in the morning.

The night passes relatively uneventfully. More animals arrive over the course of the night and in the morning there are wagons waiting outside as well as other people: Jim, Billy, Joe, Bob, Aloysius, Bubba, Ray and Roy.

Sam wakes up and asks why there are so many animals and people outside of the yurt. Gathalimay explains about the caravan situation. Kalpa tells same that the templars gave us a mission to leave with the caravan.

We set off towards Uutkleza. The journey should take us about two weeks.

We pass the first week fairly smoothly although we are meandering quite a bit. Billy seems to be changing directions all the time. When we question him, he tells us that there are more and more bands of roving undead out here and he’s trying to avoid them. He notes that within a few more days there will be a lot of undead and that he doesn’t want to continue too much further. We discuss it and agree that the caravan will go on to Hanuman and we will make a brief stop at Uutkleza to look for valuable artifacts to sell (and of course another key, but we don’t share that with Billy).

We settle in for the evening and have Kalpa and Merielle watching for anything unusual. Around 3am a freezing mist rises and the whole area is covered in a dense fog. As dawn approaches the fog lightens, but still is very dense, almost too dense to determine where to go. It’s very quiet and we no longer hear the kanks or the inix or really anything. Until we hear the bane of hounds.

Gathalimay decides he should tie a rope around his waist and that everyone should hold onto the rope so we don’t risk losing each other. Some people agree, others of us just walk behind. We set off, but the fog is so thick we can barely see the person in front of us. Then we hear footsteps running towards us.

Everyone stops an a few moments later a guy comes barreling out of the fog. He barely registers the people there and hits the rope full force, sending him flying and knocking over Gathalimay in the process.

Gathalimay says “Hello, who are you?”

The guy, who appears to be a kid, screams “get out of here… run… RUN!”

Kalpa joins the conversation, “what are you running from?”

The kid tries to squeeze past him “I’m Garrin and I’m running from the hounds. I was out walking with a friend and the mist came up!”

We hear creatures on all fours running towards us.

Garrin screams “it’s too late!” and squeezes by.

We can hear an animal off the to the left, and then another, and then a third.

I cast revealing light on one of the hounds. Sam runs to stop Garrin and then grabs a hound. Kalpa sends a hound away yelping.

Then we hear the sounds of a man in chain mail running through the fog. He appears before us with a mask on his face of a beak of a bird and a giant ax.

Meanwhile Garrin has walked a little further away, trying to conceal himself in the dense fog. Sam asks Garrin where he’s from and Garrin answers “Borovia.”

Gathalimay shouts out to the man running in the fog “Hello!”

The sounds of the running stop.

Gathalimay yells again “friend or foe?”

We hear “Hello” back.

Gathalimay yells again “Who are you?”

“Who are you?”

Garrin whispers loudly “he’s the master of the hounds, you don’t want him near us.”

Kalpa asks “do you control these hounds?”

The man comes forward and says “So the hounds were here? Are you the master?”

Sam says “Let’s sort this out. Garrin this guy says you’re the master?”

The man, “there’s another with you?”

Garrin whispers again “he’s going to get me. Kill him, kill him!”

Sam seems convinced to try and kill him.

Kalpa speaks again. “Where are you from?” and the man answers “I’m Krin and I’m from Borovia.”

Durien suddenly speaks up, “Send me out there, I look just like him” as he shifts.

Merielle tries to shoot Garrin in the knee to stop him but her arrows seem to fly wide. Gathalimay tries to stop Sam who is heading towards Krin.

Durien goes over to Garrin, “where do you think you’re going?” Garrin twists away and runs off into the fog.

Krin swings his ax at Sam. Kalpa bullrushes his way in between the two and yells “What the hell Sam?”

Sam stops, looking confused and says “I don’t know….”

Gathalimay speaks up again, “My name is Gathalimay, we’re not from here. Can you help us out?”

Krin, “with what? Can you still see him?”

We shake our heads and Krin starts cursing; “Son of a bitch always gets in my way.”

Krin turns to us; “Don’t look him in the eye, he can take over your mind.”

All of a sudden we notice that it is getting lighter and the fog is thinning.

Krin explains, “He’s a demon sorcerer. There’s always a thick fog since he showed up and it’s interminable.”

Gathalimay asks Krin how he navigates in such thick fog.

Krin answers, “I grew up here.”

Kalpa asks, “how do you track him?” Krin responds, “Every day we chase each other.”

Sam asks “Are there any others here in Borovia?”

Krin; “Sometimes other strangers show up and Garrin always gets them. They don’t last long. And he always has his three hounds with him.”

We talk with Krin a bit longer and he invites us to shelter where he is camped out, in an old inn. As we walk there we notice all sorts of dead animals.

For its efforts the party earns 600xp


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