Session 36: April 19, 2014

Brewmaster Dumbass

We spend the next few days traveling along the edge of the forest, foraying in when we need food.

On the third day we come upon a spot where several caravans have stopped and are hosting a swap meet. Gathalimay immediately starts talking to a spice dealer who came from Raan, in addition to purchasing some spices to add to the evening meals.

As Gathalimay wanders the swap meet, a few of us notice that a small human seems to be following Gath around. Sam grabs the kid and drags him into an empty booth. “Why are you following us?”

“Are you Sam? Of the Flock of Seagulls?”

Gath pipes up, “Oh are you a fan? You don’t know me the defiler wizard?”

“Gathalimay was a half-elf, you’re an orc.”

It turns out the youth, Durien, has heard tales of us from Saharabellum back in Raan. He set out to find us and can’t believe he just found us here.

Durien wants to come with us on our travels but he’s young and has no supplies. We argue about what to do with him. Merielle wants to just tie him up and leave.

Sam asks him to take a knee, close his eyes and swear an oath. Once Durien’s eyes are closed, Sam thwacks him with the sleeping rock and we take off.

In our haste we do manage to notice that people are staring at papers and pointing at us.

We hop on the kanks and run them across the desert. We continue through the night and finally stop the next morning.

As we’re resting we hear the sounds of a running crodlu and can see in the distance one guy heading for us at a sprint, coming from the direction of Raan. Nymm puts shrouds on him and shoots the rider with his crossbow. Merielle also shoots him with an arrow. He doesn’t fall off but he does look around. Sam charges at him and knocks him off the crodlu, and then pins him down, but the dude teleports out of his grasp. Gathalimay hits him and knocks him unconscious.

While the rest of us are figuring out what to do with him, Sam wanders over to the crodlu and rifles through the saddlebags. He pulls out some papers that look like those the people were holding at the swap meet. The first is a list of “Targets” and the second is a list of “Targets of Opportunity” and Nymm’s name appears on the second one.

Sam moves over to Nymm and shoves the papers at his chest “What is going on with this??”

Nymm looks at the man who appears to be a mul and says “I don’t know this guy.” He reads the list and then walks over to the unconscious mul and tries to stab him, but fumbles. Nymm turns to the rest of us “my mom’s name is on that list, I have to protect her.” Gathalimay ties the mul up. Sam slaps the mul until he is awake.

Nymm puts his sword to the guy’s throat, “What the fuck are you chasing me for?”

“You know why you need to be killed… failure!”

Nymm slashes his throat.

Sam shoves Nymm, “What the hell?? I thought we were questioning him”

Kalpa is busy rooting through the saddlebags and the mul’s body. He finds food and water, 50 gold, 2 katars and shadow mail armor. He also notices the symbol on the saddlebags and calls Sam over.

Sam recognizes the insignia as that of the Wizard King in Raan. “Nymm you just killed a king’s rider. What the hell does he want with you?”

Nymm ignores Sam and asks Gathalimay to help him move the body into the forest.

When the body is disposed of Nymm turns to the rest of us. “I’m sorry, my mom’s name was on the list.”

The rest of the party still doesn’t know what to make of what happened.

Sam approaches the crodlu and tries to mount and succeeds. In silence we get back on our kanks and continue riding.

The next 4 days pass uneventfully, but tensely. On the fourth day we arrive outside of Raan. We decide to set up camp outside the walls and that Nymm should stay in the yurt, out of sight.

We know that Raan is presided over by Yajargo, a sorcerer king who seems fairly benevolent to his people. Raan is a walled city with agricultural fields on the outskirts. It is the first time most of us have seen fields this green. Raan sits at the headways of the river and thus there is spring water here to grow things.

Sam, Kalpa and I head into town to acquire supplies and gather information. Gathalimay, Nymm and Merielle stay at the yurt.

Kalpa and I are procuring supplies when Sam slips away. Kalpa is annoyed, but I finish my shipping and suggest we head to a local tavern to observe and potentially gather information. Kalpa makes some attempts to engage in conversation that don’t go very well.

Meanwhile, Same heads over to the templar’s office. Here he offers his mercenary services and asks if there are any open contracts or work. The officer at the templar’s office says there are some patrols to deal with the undead at Uutkleza, but invites Sam to return the next day for a test of his skill to determine whether he can join them in fighting. Sam agrees to return.

While we’re in town, five guards on crodlus ride up to the yurt. Nymm hides silently behind a curtain, while Merielle and Gathalimay report to the guards that we are just stopping here for a few days to get supplies before we move on to a friend’s house.

Gathalimay tries to entertain the guards with his lute, and Merielle notices that they all wear the same symbol that was on the saddlebags on the crodlu and the mul.

We all meet back at camp to share the information we have learned.

Merielle knows that about five years ago the wizard kings stopped making public appearances and became very reclusive, acting through the templars. Gathlimay knows a tale of sorcerer kings in hiding. It also occurs to him that Lucy came to consciousness not that long ago and now is out causing trouble because she is possessed by a defiler.

For its efforts the party earns 200xp.


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