Session 34: February 8, 2014

Does your cat have nipples?

The Beholder scares Gathalimay, Thag, Sam and Kalpa who start fleeing the scene. Then it turns on Merielle and knocks her unconscious.

Then the Beholder turns to leave. Ravel hits the Beholder, and Nymm follows up with a blow. Suddenly the eyeball bursts into flame and is gone.

Immediately Gath, Thag, Sam and Kalpa aren’t afraid any more. We explore behind the pillar to see where Adrag might have gone – we see his tracks lead behind the pillar and then they just stop.

At that point we decide to rest for a bit since we’re all hurt. Gath tries the milk from the kank and says it tastes sweet, bitter, sour and a bit a like dirt.

After an uninterrupted rest, we get back on our way heading towards the forest. We anticipate we’re about 2 days away from hitting the forest.

At some point we find ourselves heading on a downward slope and we come to an area that once was a waterfall. There is a 10 foot drop off the side of the cliff, and everywhere is filled with sand and silt.

Merielle casts her bridge of roots so we can safely keep going and we caravan down. On our way down there is a small avalanche of sand and in various spots the sand appears to be sinking under our feet. Suddenly we notice more little avalanches that don’t seem to be caused by us.

A tentacle comes bursting out of the sand near the milk kank, and another near Nymm and a third near Gathalimay. Sam grapples with a tentacle and grabs it, but then it throws him 25 feet.

Then the gaping maw of a sand horror appears, and a tentacle grabs Kalpa and puts him inside the maw. The mouth chews Kalpa for a bit and then spits him out and disappears under the sand.

The mouth seems to disappear and reappear a few more times and the tentacles try to grab everyone and the kanks. Finally the the tentacles kill two kanks and the mouth swallows Thag and disappears under the sand. We wait and wait and it doesn’t reappear.

Then there is a burp and a bag of of holding comes flying out of the sand. But where is Thag?

We tie the dead kanks to the live ones and drag them away. I alternately run alongside the party and ride the kank carcasses.

For its efforts the party members earn 900xp.


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