Session 33: January 11, 2014

"Don't glue yourself to yourself."

Merielle, Kalpa, and Thag start taking the rest of the silt runners down. Thag charges through the remaining silt runners, and falls unconscious. The rest of the party manages to finish off the last few and revive Thag.

We move forward in the canyon a bit to find an area of better cover, and rest. Halfway through our rest, we can hear the sounds of wild creatures coming out to eat the corpses we left behind. Luckily they ignore us.

We manage another few days through the canyon, and fight off a few silt runner attacks. On the way we also see the remains of smaller caravans, broken wagons and some skeletons.

We keep on going, and we figure we’re about five days away from the forest.

Then this morning we came around a bend and saw a person on a kank. It looked suspiciously like Adrag. Gathalimay charged forward and spoke to him.

“How are you feeling?”

“I’ll be honest with you, I’m feeling very disappointed. You let me down, I sent so many silt runners after you. You should be dead by now.”

“We help you and you want to kill us?”

“Yeah it’s kind of a game. I shift into an Oni and appear all injured, tell people a story and they go the other way and die at the hands of the silt runners.”

Kalpa chimes in, “We’ve turned away every army, what makes you think you can take us alone?”

“I’m not alone. I’ve brought some very special creatures just for you.”

Then he started laughing. He shrank down and ran behind the pillar. All of a sudden a beholder appeared in front of us. It was a large floating eyeball, with tentacles with eyeballs at the ends. Several dragon born creatures with big boned swords also appeared at the tops of neighboring pillars.

Sam grappled with the beholder, riding the eye, while we all managed to kill the dragonborn creatures.


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